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20 years of comfort!

Buy 4 or more, pay $21.00 each, within only

For over two decades, thousands of people Worldwide have chosen the Tuck-Away Belt because of its great design and comfortable fit. We’ve sewn thousands of these belts for patients throughout the world as a wonderful way to keep their catheter safe and secure!

*Now available on Amazon in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and the EU and coming soon Japan.

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S: 26" to 32"

M: 32" to 42"

L: 40" to 50"

XL: 48" to 58"

Belt Fitting


To determine the correct size, measure your waist size, in inches, or simply go by the size f the pants you wear. Be sure to take the measurement while you are full of fluid if you keep yourself full all the time. If you are kept empty during the day, measure yourself as such and order the appropriate size for daytime use. If you find you are doubtful about the size to select because you may be just in between two sizes, choose the larger one. Upon receiving your belts, try one on for size, if it does not fit, call us to arrange for an exchange on the others.


The Tuck-Away Belts are machine washable can be put in the dryer as well. Just wash them with your underwear. They can be steam ironed if you like. It is recommended that the belts be washed daily and that the Velcro be fastened together during laundering to keep it from collecting lint and sticking to other garments.

Daytime use

The Tuck-Away Belt may be worn with the D-ring on either side of your body, regardless of which side your exit site is located. For your own health and safety, continue the same exit site care, hygiene, maintenance and protection recommended by your health care professional. 

Wearing the belt is simple: you put it on, tuck the catheter in, and forget about it. The belt is worn with the openings against your body, and the tension of the belt against your belly is what keeps the catheter in place. The belt can easily be adjusted during the day for comfort and to ensure that there is no pulling on the exit site.

Cycler, nighttime use

To use the belt during the night while on a cycler, you simply pass the cycler tubing right through the belt's pocket, do your connection, then pull the connection back into the pocket, and go to sleep. Again, you continue using the same exit site care and protection you were trained to.

Refunds & Exchanges: due to health and safety regulations, we are unable to accept any opened belts. Please measure carefully. 

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