About Us

It's hard to believe from our humble beginnings starting Stickman Dialysis in my country home in Canada to present, after 25 years in business, time has past so quickly.

We celebrate you, our loyal customers.

From my own PD experience through 2 kidney transplants we are still here.  Making sure of the highest quality of peritoneal and hemo dialysis products. 

I Get It!

As a dialysis patient I just wanted to normalize my life a little.  To be able to travel and still have warm solutions.  To be able to take a shower without worry of this new catheter I had to babysit. To store this transfer set safely with little or no tape to remove day in day out around the most sensitive area that is now functioning as the kidneys as well.  And of course to get a good night sleep, and not have to clean up after disposing of effluent because the tubing popped out of the toilet.   

There you have it.....our product line:

  1. The Daytripper Solution Warmer
  2.  PD Showermate
  3.  The Original Tuck-away belt
  4. The Beep-away Spring
  5. The Drain-away Toilet Clip


We try our very best to provide longevity of our products, quality with maximum outcomes.  Today we seek a way to provide them at an affordable cost to you.  As times change and needs of our dialysis population grow.  It is our promise to provide the best product at an affordable price.

We salute those who do their own dialysis and the people that support and love them.  We understand the challenges and wish you the very best.  We are all in this together.

Jean Clermont

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