*New Hedclip Line Stabilizer

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Years of line stabilization in 1 clip.  Quality products do not need replacing every other time you use them.  Ultimately saving time and money.  Once you try the Hedclip line stabilizer you will not want to go back to a lesser products. Try it and you will see.

HEDclip with it's superior design, to help secure dialysis lines (external diameter from 6 to 6.8 mm) to the patient’s clothing during treatment. HEDclip is easily fastened onto a piece of clothing or bedding and ensures a safer and more hygienic fixation of the lines. Securing the lines reduces the risk of accidental extraction from patient's movements during the dialysis session.


HEDclip is a dedicated fixation device for hemodialysis tubing

For International sales visit https://www.he-dk.com/hedclip