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Stickman's PD Starter Kit: 2 PD belts, 1 Drain away clip, 1 Beep-away Spring, 1 PD-Showermate

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Starter Kit Includes:

2  White Tuck-away belts 

1 Drain-away PD Toilet clip 

1 PD-Showermate

1 Beep-away Spring Cycler Alarm Reducer

* Must by complete package for this sale price.  Please measure your waist and toilet rim for correct sized items.

Toilets are now coming in all different sizes. Please before purchasing measure your rim to see if you require:

1. Our Original blue standard sized Drain-away clip for most toilets:1.25"- 1.65"

2.  Our new larger sized "Purple" Drain-away clip for unusually wide toilet rims: 2"-2.5"

If you need a larger "Purple clip" please leave a message for us at check out