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Warm peritoneal dialysis solution (1000-3500ml, 1-3.5L) for manual exchanges.  

No more heating pads.  Built to stay on all the time, warming solutions gently and constantly. Using very little electricity. ( the same as a 20W light bulb)

The Daytripper is a single-bag (1000-3500 ml, 1-3.5 L) warmer designed for *Manual Exchanges and for personal use at home, at work, or while travelling, and is often used by PD Programs as part of loaner for travel.

Just Place a solution bag with it's protective plastic wrapper into the Daytripper warmer and it will gently warm your solution.  The initial warming will take between 1.5 to 3 hours, this is so that any prescription added to you solution will still maintain it's efficacy. 

Always remember a simple process of << Bag out- Bag In>> before your exchange and you will forever have your solutions warmed and ready for you.  Remember to drain your effluent and Never place any used bags back into the Daytripper warmer.

The sturdy plastic case and aluminum heating plate are easy to clean and will withstand years of use, built to stay plugged in indefinitely, much like any appliance in your home. It has a factory pre-set, tamper-proof thermostat which will keep solutions at the perfect temperature indefinitely, never allowing them to overheat.

Due to the nature of this product we do not accept returns. 

The intuitive design requires almost no training or instruction – just plug it in and leave is plugged in 24/7. External power cord access 110V/220V AC power adapter 

  • Includes 12 Volt car plug
  • Lifetime warranty for as long as the Original Purchaser owns it!
  • Energy efficient - uses less than 20W of electricity
  • Temperature indicator Green LED power indicator
  • High impact, easy to clean durable plastic case
  • Large mesh pocket
  • Holds one solution bag up to 3.5L
  • 15"x7"x12"
  • 9 Pounds, empty


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