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Drain-Away Toilet Clip for Peritoneal Dialysis

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No More Floods!

Drain-Away PD Toilet clips fit right onto the rim of your toilet receptacle, attaching the tube in place for easy clean effluent disposal.  Just clip- attach tubing- lower the seat- and drain.

These Drain clips really comes into their own for those who have a “direct drain” setup for the cycler. It clips to the edge of the toilet bowl, under the seat and holds the tubing in place so that it drains where it’s supposed to every time.

Important when ordering!!

Toilets are now coming in all different sizes. Please before purchasing measure your rim to see if you require:

1. Our Original standard sized Drain-away clip for most toilets:1.25"- 1.65"

2.  Our new larger sized "Purple" Drain-away clip for unusually wide toilet rims: 2"-2.5" .

*NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, in the following countries:

Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, EU and Japan

Prices differ and are in the local country currency

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