Drain-Away Toilet Clip for Peritoneal Dialysis

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No More Floods!

Funny how PD bags drain well into the toilet while you watch, but as soon as you turn your back on ‘em, the tubes jump out of the toilet and make a big mess! Well, the Drain-Away keeps ‘em in line!

The Drain-Away Clip really comes into its own for those who have a “direct drain” setup for the cycler. It clips to the edge of the toilet bowl, under the seat and holds the tubing in place so that it drains where it’s supposed to every time.

*Now, not all toilets are made the same size. Should you receive your Drain-away clip and it doesn’t fit your toilet, simply call us and we will happily custom make one that fits. As long as we have the proper measurements we can  almost always produce one for you.


*NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, in the following countries:

Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, EU and Japan

Prices differ and are in the local country currency

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