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The Original Tuck-Away PD Belt by Stickman is a quality made dialysis tubing support and concealment product.

 For day or night use.  An easy and practical way to keep your transfer set safe and secure! All Tuck-away PD belts are unisex and made for all.

Our dialysis catheter support belts are made from quality cloth, 70/30 Cotton/ Poly blend, kept in place with a soft, cotton covered latex-free elastic, and fastened through a D-ring with Velcro. They are movable as to avoid exit-site tugging and comfortable to wear all day and even with your night time cycler.

Machine washable, hang dry recommended for long lasting. 

S: 26" to 32"
M: 32" to 42"
L: 40" to 50"
XL: 48" to 58"


 To determine the correct size, measure your waist in inches either while dwelling for manual exchanges or empty if using a night time cycler.

Refunds & Exchanges: We accept returns on all unopened packages within 30 days Please measure carefully! 

Daytime use

The Tuck-Away pd dialysis belt may be worn with the D-ring on either side of your body, regardless of which side your exit site is located. 

Wearing the  dialysis belt is simple: you put it on, tuck the transfer set in, and forget about it. The belt is worn with the pockets against your body, and the tension of the belt against your belly is what keeps the transfer set in place. The belt can easily be adjusted during the day for comfort and to ensure that there is no tension the exit site.

Cycler, nighttime use

To use the belt during the night while on a cycler, you simply pass the cycler tubing right through the belt's pocket, do your connection, then pull the connection back into the pocket, and go to sleep.

Refunds & Exchanges: We accept returns on all unopened packages within 30 days Please measure carefully! 


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