Daytripper CAPD Solution Warmer

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CAPD done right!

The Daytripper is a single-bag warmer designed for personal use at home, at work, or while travelling, and is often used by clinics as part of loaner programs. The plastic case and aluminium heating plate are easy to clean and will withstand years of use. It has a factory pre-set, tamper-proof thermostat which will keep solutions at the perfect temperature indefinitely, never allowing them to overheat.

The intuitive design requires almost no training or instruction – just plug it in! External power cord access 110V/220V AC power adapter 

  • Includes cigarette lighter plug
  • Lifetime warranty for as long as the original purchaser owns it
  • Energy efficient - uses less than 20W of electricity
  • Temperature indicator Green LED power indicator
  • High impact, easy to clean durable plastic case
  • Large mesh pocket
  • Holds one solution bag up to 3L
  • 15"x7"x12"
  • 8 Pounds, empty


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